Sarah's Spanish School is a Spanish enrichment provider for schools in various states. Our awesome, local Spanish teachers come to your elementary school and teach fun and effective before, after, or during-the-day Spanish classes to students. 


At Sarah's Spanish School, we believe that every elementary-school student should have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun way as a part of their academic day. Our goals are to promote bilingual education in America, show young students that they can learn a second language and how much fun it really is, and give schools the opportunity to easily offer Spanish classes to all of their students. 

With us, everyone wins!

Parents get to give their child the opportunity to learn Spanish conveniently right at their elementary school. 

Students get to learn Spanish in a fun, non-stressful way at an ideal age with their school classmates

Schools/districts get to offer Spanish to their students at absolutely no cost to their school or district, and we do all the work (curriculum, teachers, sign ups, managing...)

Our teachers get to do what they love (teach kiddos) on a part-time basis with flexible schedules in a fun way

Sarah's Spanish School’s founder, Sarah Urban, started off as a small-town high school Spanish teacher. She absolutely loved teaching high school, but a saw a need for Spanish education at the elementary level since that is the best time to learn a second language.  She started Sarah's Spanish School in 2016 in her hometown of Eureka, MO as a way to give this opportunity to elementary students. Thanks to the support of families and schools that love the fun and effective classes, the program has expanded to more than 250 elementary schools across the United States.


We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to elementary aged students and enrich their lives through Spanish education!

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Call Us: 866-325-HOLA   /   parent@sarahsspanishschool.com  /  #6 Hilltop Village Center, Eureka, MO 63025