These classes are for adults that have some background of the language (to take after Adult Level 1).  


No textbook or direct grammar instruction. You will learn Spanish the way you learned English - through immersion (songs, stories, games, speaking, movement, and more!). Extremely effective and FUN!


 If you have taken Spanish before and know some of the basics, this is the class for you! We will focus more on conversation and common vocab/grammar (present tense) 


Along with face-to-face class time, students will also have access to various online resources to study what we learn and practice in class, and access to their teacher any time via e-mail or Skype. 


After the adult leve 2 course students will be able to: 
« Order a meal in Spanish!

« Understand and answer common questions and commands in familiar topic areas such as themselves, family, hobbies, occupation, the date, the weather, and many more. 

«  Have a conversation confidently in Spanish and be able to add detail and give their opinion




Summer 2017 Class Selection TBD


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