At-The-School Programs

We are currently teaching Spanish at more than 100 elementary schools around the country.
(If we are at your school but you do not see it below, please call your school's principal for more information and/or to register!)



After level 1 your student will be able to:

- Understand common classroom commands (stand up, sit down, read, listen, write…)

- Answer various questions in Spanish such as their name, where they live, where they are from, their birthday and more.

- Name body parts and talk about if something hurts

- Know numbers 1-10 in Spanish and various colors in Spanish

- Talk about the day, weather, and seasons

- Talk about things they like and don't like to do 

- Tell a story in Spanish 

Signing up for a program at your school? Click on your school below!


(ROCKWOOD/PARKWAY students - For more specific information and to sign up, please call 636.891.6643)





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