Earth Day Freebie For Your Kids

Hola! Sarah here, just dropping in with a super fun freebie to help you celebrate Earth Day (El día de la tierra – the day of the earth)   Since our theme of the week is “I love mi planeta”, our Spanish students will have a lot of opportunities to talk about our amazing and beautiful […]

Happy Friday!

HEY! Sarah here! I wanted to share something with you that makes me giggle. The theme of this past week in our online Spanish classes was “Because I’m Happy!” It was SO much fun learning all the things that makes our students happy and what happiness means to them. They got to do so many […]

12 East St. Patty’s Day Activities

Hey! I found some fun things you could do to bring some St. Patty’s Day festivities to your home and I wanted to share my favorites with you. They aren’t all Spanish related, but that’s ok, right!? And don’t worry – I’m only sharing the EASY ones, so not too much extra “mom work” for […]

A personal story for Women’s Day

All over social media today I’m seeing things about International Women’s Day. It made me think of something a little personal that I wanted to share with you, because I think it might inspire something in you, maybe? Ok, here goes! When I was growing up, I didn’t have a lot of confidence (please don’t […]

NYE 2021 Freebie Fun!

Got big plans for New Years this year? No? Me neither 😛 Well, the plans that I do have I’m actually really looking forward to! Dinner, game night, and getting snowed in with my nephews! Woo hoo!!! You know how at midnight in the US at midnight we jump for joy, hug and kiss our […]

Parents Ultimate Guide To….

Hey, there! Sarah here! The other day, we were giving my nephew some heat for spending so much time on his phone, specifically the app Tick Tock. He insisted he doesn’t spend that much time on it. Then, he volunteered to prove it. He went on to check his screen time report and happily reported to us […]

10 Spanish Christmas Songs for Kids (and 1 for parents)

Have you ever gotten lost and spent hours going down the “YouTube” rabbit hole?   I sure hope you can relate, because that just happened to me!   I was looking for a holiday Spanish song to teach our online students, and one lead to another…   And to another to another…   And before […]

An ironic email from last year + a question for you

Hello! Sarah here, owner of Sarah’s Spanish School. I have a question for you, but first… I found this email that I sent out at this time last year. If you were on my list then, you might remember it? I thought it was pretty ironic so I wanted to share it with you again. […]

Day of the Dead

Good morning! Did you know today is a holiday? Feliz “Día de los muertos” – Happy Day of the Dead! Have you heard of this holiday? Do you know what it is? This is a bright and colorful celebration. Although the heart of the holiday is to remember those who have passed, the festivity itself […]

She doesn’t wash her car…here’s why.

We went down to Corpus Christi last week to visit my friend Morgan. Being the generous soul she is, she let us borrow her car for the week so we could bop around the island and explore. Of course, we wanted to make sure to return her car with a tank full of gas and […]