I Love Me/Spring Into Spanish

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This class is for students of many levels, but most will be beginners. Some students will have past experience with Spanish, and others may have no experience, so ability levels will be varied. The class should be taught mostly in Spanish and you should circle back to old material often (colors, number, weather, body parts, classroom commands...) and incorporate it into the new material.

**NEW for 2020 - All students will have a Spanish folder that they will bring to class that will have ALL of their worksheets, song lyrics, vocabulary lists, and more! Teachers will no longer have to worry about getting the materials for class - students should have everything they need. You will have to bring something to play videos on (phone, computer, or iPad) but students will have their own worksheets. (Worksheets are below in case you want to see them or make some copies for yourself)

**NEW for 2020 - All students will have a SPANISH BADGE/nametag that they will wear to Spanish class. The back of the badge will have the parent's phone number and dismissal instructions for the student

**NEW for 2020 - There is a "Phrase of the Day" every day - make sure you go over it with students and have them write it on their "La frase del dia" worksheet

Main topics of this theme: confident conversations, greetings, pets, likes/dislikes, hobbies, body parts, celebrating uniqueness, weather, flowers, spring season, subject pronouns. 

Please follow the lessons provided as closely as you can. You may modify minor things to fit your students' needs. If you have a specific question, please feel free to ask!

(If you are teaching a 6-week course, the lesson plans lend themselves to doing that easily - see lesson plans for details!)

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