Spanish Foundations

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Students in this class either have never had Spanish in the past or know very little. This is a foundations class, meaning that it should teach students the basics of Spanish (colors, numbers, weather, body parts...), how to understand a class conducted mostly with the teacher speaking Spanish/the "immersion style" class, and lastly and most importantly, this class should ignite their passion to continue learning Spanish by it being an overall a super FUN, stress-free, interactive ad EFFECTIVE class. 

By the end of the 6/7-weeks, students should be able to do the following in Spanish:
- Introduce themselves

- Talk about how they are feeling

- Count to 15

- Describe the colors of things

- Body parts and talk about if something hurts

- Talk about the weather 

Please follow the lessons provided as closely as you can. You may modify minor things to fit your students' needs. If you have a specific question, please feel free to ask!

Materials you will recieve in the mail:

- Body parts flashcards (1 set)

- Vocabulary list (1 for each student)

- Emotions/feelings worksheet (1 for each student)
- Weather worksheet (1 for each student)
- KABOOM sticks (1 set)
- Certificates of Completion (1 for each student)

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