Hawaii Teachers:

Ms. Veronica Santos




Ms. Veronica is a native Spanish speaker, born in central america; El Salvador, eventually moving to the United States. She grew up doing a lot of childcare for family and friends, during her teens she had the privilege to be a teacher at Summer Camp through a community church.  She also helped during church services caring for the children.  After graduating high school Ms. Veronica trained in natural holistic massages and is now a certified massage therapist and health educator, with extra training in oncology massage.  She also has a degree in Interior design and has lived in 3 countries during the past 10 years.  Ms. Veronica enjoys learning new languages and people from around the world.  She teaches in our Hawaii schools.

Ms. Sandra Romero Cisnero

Ms. Sandra was born in Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico. She emigrated to the states when she was 20 years old andtook some college classes. She is very passionate about hiking. Her other hobbies are reading and sports such as soccer, football, kickball. Ms. Sandra loves the outdoors and thinks there is no better place then Hawaii to live her dreams. She can also cook mainly Mexican food.
Ms. Sandra also loves to garden, has a green thumb, and is a dog lover. She has a pet who is the love of her life named Rex, a cocker spaniel. She has traveled all over the United States including Puerto Rico.

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