Maryland Teachers:

Mr.  Rodrigo Leon





 Mr. Rodrigo was born in Trujillo, Peru but raised in Gaithersburg, MD. From a young age, he was taught how to speak Spanish in the household. Later, he ended up teaching kids Bible lessons in Spanish.  Mr. Rodrigo believes all kids should learn another language during their childhood because this will broaden their perspectives. He loves learning languages and wants to share that with others! The kids will get to learn more about cultures they may not even know about. They will be able to communicate with more people. There are so many benefits of learning foreign language!

Ms. Monthserrat (Monce) Boston

Mrs. Monthserrat Boston, or Monce for short, is originally from El Paso, Texas. Besides her and her brother, the rest of her family is from Mexico City. She recently moved to Maryland because of her husband, who works for the U.S. Army. She loves and embraces her Mexican heritage, while sharing it with others, especially children. She believes the most important skill to acquire is a second language, since it opens new opportunities, and what better time to begin than at a young age! She also loves yoga (currently getting certified!), science, traveling, painting, and most of all teaching.

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