Nevada Teachers:

Ms. Karina Woodbury

La maestra Karina Woodbury was born and raised in Mexico City. She came to the United States to learn English at BYU University where she went to school. She then moved to Nevada where it has become a second home .  She loves teaching Spanish and translating!  She is a Nature Photographer as well as a Children Photographer. She loves Nevada Skies as much as she loves teaching Spanish. She enjoys helping others learn her native language and the beauty there is in learning a 2nd language. 

Ms. Ana Galegos

Ana is originally from México! She has an A.A. in Spanish and an Integrative Studies of Women and Gender Certificate, as well as a B.A. in Spanish. She is currently working towards her M.A. She has been a Spanish instructor at the post-secondary level for six years. As a Spanish instructor, Ana has gotten the opportunity to work with a diversity of students, all from different backgrounds. One of her biggest goals is to help children learn the language properly and gain an appreciation for it. She wants to motivate students to fulfill their potential and give them an interest in Spanish as well as the Hispanic culture.

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