Parents' Frequently Asked Questions​


Thinking about registering your child to take Sarah's Spanish School's before or after-school program at their school? Already registered them but have some questions about how something works? Here are some questions that parents frequently asks before or after registering their child for the program:

Why should my student learn Spanish? 
Learning a second language not only helps students in the future with jobs communication, and travel, but it also has so many benefits right now - improves self esteem, develops critical thinking skills, and improves cognitive abilities in so many other academic areas such as math, science, and English! It is easier to learn at such a young age, and will benefit them in all aspects of life. 

Are students separated by grade? 
It depends on the school and what they decide when setting up the program. Usually we put all grades together in one classroom unless there are enough sign ups to separate them into 2 classes. This works well, as the students are separated by abilities instead of grade levels, and the immersion style that we teach allows for all students to learn a LOT, regardless of their age. The teacher also differentiates as needed. 


How much does it cost?
The cost of the 12 week session which includes 12 weeks of instruction, communication with parents via email to keep them informed of what we did in class, and an online portal where students can go to play games, do flashcards and review what we learned in class varies by state. You can see the costs of some programs by going to the "programs" tab above. We do offer early registration discounts and sibling discounts. 

What is the class size?
The minimum class size is 5 and max class size is 15. If more than 15 kiddos wanted to do the program (which happens more often than not) we can look at doing the class 2 days or sending out 2 teachers on 1 day.


Are there payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans are available when registering. You can pay in full, or pay half now and half mid-semester.

Who are your teachers? Are they background checked?
Most of our teachers are either university students going to school to be teachers, native speakers who love to teach their own language, or certified teachers who want more hours to teach after-school. They are all thoroughly, three-tiered background checked through the county, federally, and the InstaCriminal National Alias. If the district requires that the teachers be fingerprinted, we make sure that happens. All of our teachers go through Sarah's Spanish School training and are given lessons and materials to teach, so we can ensure that no matter what school a student is at, they are getting the same lessons and other classes. 

My child knows some Spanish already. Should I sign them up for level 1?

This depends on how much Spanish your child knows. Level 1 is immersive, so even if they know some it is certain that they will still learn a lot. You can even let the teacher know that they have experience with the language and to challenge them more than the other students. All of our teachers are fluent in both Spanish and English and can differentiate instruction based on the students' needs. 

How will my child know where to go after school?

All schools handle this differently; we sometimes do not know the room number until the day of class. Usually, once we send the roster to the school 1 day before class, that roster is emailed out to all homeroom teachers. This way, teachers know which students are to go to Spanish after school and will send them to the right location. The Spanish teacher will take roll before each class to ensure that every child is present. If you are worried whether your child will remember to go to class or not, PLEASE call the school and let them know of your concerns. They will be sure to reiterate to your child's teacher that they are go to Spanish. 

What if my child has to miss a class?

You should email your child's Spanish teacher and let them know, so that they are not worried about them. As for catching up on what they missed, before the very first class you will be emailed a complete list of what the students will learn each day of Spanish for the semester along with a link to the online portion where the student will be able to go to hear the words pronounced, practice with flashcards, and play games against other students around the country!


What happens if there is a snow day or you have to cancel a day or change the schedule for some reason?

If we have to change the schedule for some reason all parents will be emailed and called as soon as we know of the change. The school will be also be notified.  

Once a student takes level 1, how will they continue to develop their Spanish?

After students take level 1 (usually during 1st semester) they would move on to level 2 which would usually held during 2nd semester on the same day of the week that they took level 1. After level 2 there are many advanced levels that schools can rotate through that focus on teaching the students Spanish in common themes such as family and pets, food and ordering in a restaurant, my house, and many more! 

Have a different question that is not addressed here? Email Sarah at She would be happy to answer any questions!

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