These classes are for children ages 3-5. Students will learn Spanish the way they learned English - through immersion (music, stories, games, speaking, repetition, movement, and more!). 80% of the class is conducted in Spanish. Classes are exciting, engaging and fun! Kids learn SO much!


After 8 classes your student will be able to:

- Understand common classroom commands (stand up, sit down, read, listen, write…)

- Answer various questions in Spanish such as their name, how they are feeling, their favorite color, and more

- Name body parts

- Know numbers 1-10 in Spanish and various colors in Spanish

- Talk about the day, weather, and seasons

- Talk about things they like and don't like to do 

- Use Spanish for personal communication needs such as asking to go to the bathroom, or requesting clarification as needed

Parents are given a daily update of what their child learned in class and how they can reinforce and practice the Spanish at home!

Must have a minimum of 5 students per class. Maximum - 10.


Class Selection TBD

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