Elementary Themed Weeks Descriptions


June 12 - June 16th: Explore the world in 5 days / !Explora el mundo en cinco días! (4:00-5:20pm)

Students will have a passport and take a trip around the world in 5 days! In Spanish, students will learn a little bit about all of the countries that speak Spanish, including the United States! We will explore geography, food, traditions, and more! 

June 19th - June 23rd: My family and pets / Mi familia y mis mascotas (4:30-5:50pm)
Students will have fun learning family and pet vocabulary in Spanish and exploring how families in Spanish-speaking countries may be a little different than our own. On the last day students will make a family scrap book and be able to talk about each member of their family in Spanish!


June 26th - June 30th: Sports and hobbies / Los deportes y pasatiempos (4:00-5:20pm)

Students will be able to talk about their hobbies in Spanish. We will learn how to play sports and games from Spanish-speaking countries and describe what kind of things we like to do for fun!


July 10th - 14th: Little doctors / Pequeños médicos (4:30-5:50pm)

Students will learn vocabulary related to illnesses, how to stay healthy, and a doctor's visit. By the end, students will be able to visit a doctor completely in Spanish!



July 17th - 21st: Vamos de compras / Let’s go shopping (4:00-5:20pm)

Students will learn how to barter, buy, and sell things in Spanish. At the end of the week students will create skits where they go to a Spanish-speaking market and barter to buy something!



July 24th - 28th: Technology / La tecnología (4:30-5:50pm)

Students will be able to talk about and describe how to use their favorite technologies in Spanish, and explain why technology is important to them and how they use it in their lives.


August 7th - 11th : My house / Mi casa (4:00-5:20pm)

Students will learn how to describe all of the rooms in their house and where things are located. At the end of the week, students will be able to describe what their dream house looks like! 



August 14th - 18th : Let’s go to the zoo! / Vamos al zoo! (4:30-5:50pm)

Students will learn animal vocab in Spanish and be able to talk about them; what the animals look like, where they live, what animals they like and don’t like, and more! 

*It is highly recommended that students take our Level 1 Spanish class before taking a themed week so that they feel familiar with the language and have the basics down, as the themed classes are conducted mostly in Spanish.

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