-  "It's kind of sneaky but when it's all said and done we wind up telling stories and reading stories pretty easily when you didn't even realize you were learning! It's awesome" - Adult Student

- "I tried Rosetta Stone, but I've learned 10 times more in a few weeks than I ever did with them!" - Adult Student

- "I think my boys are surprised how quickly they are learning and remembering Spanish words." - Parent of Elementary Students

- "I still can't believe how much I learned." - Adult student


- "Students have many opportunities to talk in Spanish about topics that interest them." - Parent of Elementary Student

- "Speaking in the target language is a major focus and all students do it!" - Parent of Elementary Student

- "Positive feedback and kind words are consitently provided. It is obvious that the students like to participate due to the positive and encouraging environment." - Parent of Elementary Student



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