Texas Teachers:

Ms. Lorena Conyers







Ms. Lorena was born and raised in Mexico. She moved to Dallas Texas at age 22 after completing a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. Ms. Lorena is married and the mother of two boys. She currently works as a Spanish caseworker for Collin County. Ms. Lorena is a teacher in our Wylie, TX, area schools.

Ms. Hazel Miranda

Ms. Hazel Miranda was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She is fluent in Spanish, as it is her first language. She has worked with neuro-typical and special needs children for over 10 years where she worked as a behavioral therapist. She is very excited to teach Spanish, and very passionate about cultures and languages!

Ms. Trenda Ridge

Once, while I lived in Claremore, Oklahoma, Spanish was introduced as a continuing educational Class, "Spanish a New Language," I remember having the best teacher who was quite exciting and eager to teach us daily! 
Having friends and family to help cultivate and nurture my Spanish, it has been a great experience! I want to help teach students how exciting, important and helpful it is to know a second language!  

Ms. Sonia Sarmiento

Sonia is originally from Columbia and has a bachelor’s in business management. She has always had a passion for education, but that was reaffirmed when she taught her own course two years ago. Sonia also loves to travel, which is why she has lived in three different countries in the last ten years. She truly believes that education is the key to improving lives and helping the world become a better place!

Ms. Norma Patricia López de

Norma has been living in Texas for 3 years, most of that time spent learning English while studying Computer Science at UNT, where she got her Master’s in Information Systems. After college, Norma worked as a computer engineer until leaving her job to become a teacher. She worked as a teacher for 15 years in Mexico until moving to teach in the US. Norma learned so much from teaching children, and believes that children absorb all of the good things given to them. Her job as a teacher has always been and will continue to be providing those good things!

Norma teachers at our schools in the Fort Worth area.

Ms. Ana Taymani

Ana has been working with students and families for ten years! She has lived in Mexico, Germany, and the U.S., so she is trilingual! Through her personal experience, she has learned the power of languages, and being able to more clearly understand different cultures and experiences. She is excited to be a part of giving students and parents and intercultural understanding while having fun! Ana teaches at our Lewisville schools. 

Ms. Emily Moseley

Emily is currently studying Spanish and French in her last year at University of Texas at Austin. She has a passion for language and she believes it is one of the best gifts you can give to a child. She came to this conclusion after have the opportunity to study abroad in Latin America. She can’t wait to share her passion for Spanish with her students this semester! Emily teachers at our Austin ISD schools.

Ms. Lucia Melendez

Lucia Melendez was born in Mexico but came to the U.S. when she was 5 years old. She graduated in 2015 from Lewisville High School in Texas, and is currently working to get her Associate’s in Business at North Central Texas college. Lucia is a teacher at our Lewisville ISD schools. 

Ms. Nancy Dominguez

Nancy was born in Mexico and raised in Texas. She loves animals - she has two cats, two dogs, and a school of fish. Nancy got her Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at UT Dallas and she’s now working on my Master's in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Since 2013, she’s been tutoring Physics and Math. Nancy loves helping those who need it & seeing them grow, and she’s always looking to expand her horizons & learn new things from those around her. Nancy teaches at our Lewisville ISD and Dallas ISD schools

Ms. Celia Reyes

Celia is a mother of three, and raising them has helped her understand the importance of learning another language. She studied Italian and German at the University of Houston so she’s familiar with challenges and struggles of language acquisition and retention. She hopes to help your child succeed and excel in learning Spanish and hopefully have some fun alone the way. Celia teaches at our Clear Creek ISD schools.

Ms. Briceidy Newman

Briceidy was born in Mexico and learned English as her second language. She’s spoken Spanish her entire life, throughout her childhood and now as an adult. She graduated from Memorial High School in Port Arthur, TX. She’s really looking forward to teaching students a new language and culture. She loves helping others and is very grateful to have the opportunity to follow her passion of teaching children her native language. Briceidy teaches at our Clear Creek ISD schools.

Ms. Magaly Martinez

Mogaly was born and raised in Texas. She earned her Bachelor’s in criminology and criminal justice, and is currently working on her Master’s in education. She loves art and enjoys working with children. She is fluent in Spanish and can’t wait to start her new journey here! Magaly teaches at our OCPS schools.

Ms. Gabriela Fernandez

Gabriela was born in Chicago, IL, and lived there for eleven years until her family moved to Mexico. She grew up in a bilingual home, and feels so lucky to have parents that understood and spoke both languages around her as a child. Gabriela now lives in Austin, where she studies Government and Spanish at the University of Texas. Gabriela teaches Spanish at our Austin ISD schools!

Ms. Brittany Peters

Brittany is originally from Kansas City and will be completing her bachelors degree in Criminology in May. She has been studying Spanish since the 5th grade and continued up until her junior year of college. Brittany hopes to further her education in law school within the next few years to come. Brittany teaches Spanish at our Northside ISD schools!

Ms. Daisy Garcia

Ms. Daisy is currently a full-time student at St. Mary’s University. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Linguistics with a teaching credential for secondary education. She was born in Mexico, raised in California, and moved to Texas to go to St. Mary’s. Spanish is her mother tongue and she is very excited to teach others such a beautiful language. She hopes that she can help her students fall in love with it too!

Ms. Aimee Lozano

Ms. Aimee Lozano was born and raised in McAllen, Texas as the daughter of two Mexican parents. Being that it is her first language, she can fluently read, write, and speak Spanish. Aimee moved to San Antonio, Texas at 18 years old to study at the University of Texas at San Antonio where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology Degree. She is very eager to teach Spanish and hopes to benefit, facilitate, and improve the lives of young students as future Spanish-speaking adults.

Yolanda Sanchez

Ms. Yolanda was born in Mexico. She’s the oldest of four siblings, and is married with two children. Her family is very important to her, as is celebrating the culture that they share. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and it currently working towards her second degree. She is very excited to share her passion about her culture and native language with young minds!

Mr. Noah Batson

Mr. Noah was born in Southern California, but grew up in Baja, so he learned Spanish as a child. When his family moved back to SoCal in his teen years he realized that he had learned a skill he would appreciate the rest of his life. His hope is that students will gain an appreciation for what it means to be bilingual. He believes that having broader means of communication is one of the greatest opportunities a person can have! Noah is a teacher at our Austin schools and is super awesome!

Mr. Sebastian Sainz

Sebastian is originally from McAllen, Texas. He recently graduated from The University of Texas as Austin and received his Bachelor’s in Psychology. He loves speaking Spanish because it is his native language and he believes that learning it at a young age can help young students gain an appreciation for different cultures and people. 

Ms. Monica Orozco

Ms. Monica was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. She received her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and She is continuing her education by being in an Alternative Teaching Certification program to pursue a career as a teacher in the DFW area. She is a dog lover, she has three Yorkshire Terriers. She is a native Spanish speaker. She loves working with children and loves helping them grow and develop new skills. Monica can’t wait to start her journey here and she is excited to start teaching children her native language! She will be teaching in the Fort Worth schools. 

Ms. Grace Franco

Grace is currently studying Spanish & Hispanic Studies in her last year at Texas Christian University.  She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, loving to learn Spanish from a young age.  Her love for the language was confirmed during her semester abroad to Sevilla, Spain last spring.  She hopes that she can inspire kids to be as passionate about Spanish as she was at their age.

Ms. Juliana Feliciano

Ms. Juliana was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Texas about 5 years ago after finishing her bachelors degree in Molecular Biology. Recently she became a stepmom to a brilliant, young lady, who inspired her to teach other kids also. Juliana inspired her, also, to start learning Spanish! Juliana is excited to share her language with the students of Austin ISD elementary schools!

Ms. Nora KhonCarly

Nora KhonCarly is originally from Dallas, TX where she currently teaches ESL writing at Oberg Literacy Center. Nora did her undergraduate degree in Social Work and Education and her masters at Texas Wesleyan University. Nora is certified from the state of Texas to teach ESL to elementary and adults learners. Her interest in Spanish began at an early age, and continued to grow throughout. This is when she became freelance writer in both languages English and Spanish. Nora's goal is to receive a Ph. D. in Spanish and to show her arts collections . Nora's hobbies are cooking, arts, outdoors activities and daily workout.

Mr. James Peña

Mr. Peña was born in Houston TX, but moved to Monterrey Mexico as a young kid, and completed his education in Monterrey Mexico. 

Mr Peña is married and father of two boys, very interactive, into sports and lately in video games. ​

He actually lives in San Antonio Texas, He is constantly teaching his children on Spanish, he truly believes that education is the key to improving lives, being bilingual means you know the double! 

Mrs. Myriam Nieves

Mrs. Myriam (Tery) Nieves was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Early Childhood. Her 25 years combined Education background includes roles as Spanish teacher, Educational Consultant, Academic Director of a private school in Puerto Rico and a part-time Professor at the Universidad Interamericana, Fajardo Campus. Her passion is to teach and lead her students to significant learning experiences.

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