Washington Teachers:

Ms. Micah Youmans







Ms. Micha is from Eastern Washington.  She grew up speaking and learning Spanish with her Dad, whose mother is from Uruguay.  She graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelors in Hispanic Studies and a minor in development and social justice. While studying, Ms. Michah traveled and lived in Oaxaca, Mexico, known for amazing food, and diverse dialects.   She loves working with kids, and believes that their potential and wisdom is often overlooked.  Ms. Micah loves spicy food, painting, and animals.  She can't wait to meet you! Ms. Micah teaches in the Redmond area schools.

Ms. Jessica Matias

Ms. Matias was born in California and raised in Enumclaw, Washington.  She grew up in a household where Spanish was spoken fluently by her parents and siblings.  Her father is from Guatemala, and mother was born and raised in Mexico, so she learned to speak Spanish from a very young age.  She has traveled to Mexico many times, thus allowing her to enjoy the diverse culture, the very amazing food and wonderful people.  She enjoys the atmosphere of working with children and watching their intellectual talent come out. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors and try new foods. She believes that being multi-lingual can allow even young minds to gain any extra edge in the ever-changing cultures that present us all today.  She is so ready to meet all you young new people!

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